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Complete Distillation Training System

ATR's Distillation Expert-Trainer has been used to train and qualify hundreds of operators worldwide. This system has aided companies in their qualification of thousands of operating personnel regarding the operation of distillation units.

The Expert Trainer is an integrated computer-based training system composed of self-paced interactive lessons, drills, quizzes and a comprehensive exam. The trainee also has access to a number of resources as well as a dynamic simulation process.

Students work at their own pace in either in a structured learning environment or through on-demand access to the system.

24-Hour Availability

A major drawback with classroom training is that it is not always available. By placing the Distillation Expert-Trainer in the training lab, operators may train at their discretion without supervision.

Because the operators can now train on-shift, this means that overtime is reduced. Distillation training can be fun and challenging with fast-learning drills and extensive Simulator exercises. 

Unit Operations Overview Operators get familiar with unit operations and basic principles associated with control and operation. Go through series of progressive what-if drills to reinforce cause-effect relationships, then proceed to Troubleshooting drills providing operators with trends and operational information whereby they have to analyze the data and determine root cause.
Unit Operations Simulation Scenarios Provide overview of basic unit operations ranging from exchangers to pump and valve operations to flash drums, compressors and heaters. Operators perform routine and non-routine tasks on individual modules then work their way to more comprehensive integrated modules. They learn to read and understand the process through the use of trend displays, process economics and operational goals, as well as start-ups and shutdowns.
Distillation - Normal Operations Overview of standard operations; gaining familiarity with standard process and control system. Go through standard startup and shutdown activities. Monitor process and make incremental measurable changes.
Distillation What-If and Troubleshooting Drills Provides what-if and troubleshooting scenarios focused on simulated process to reinforce operational cause and effect and accelerate to troubleshooting exercises. Use simulator to reinforce these scenarios.
Distillation - Abnormal Operations Provide a variety of progressive drills and operating scenarios to enhance procedural and diagnostic abilities. A wide variety of upset conditions ranging from equipment and control problems to feedstock swings and changing operational requirements. Operators learn to choose operational recovery plans and stabilize the process.
Collaborative Team Solving - Operational Exercises These exercises are designed to promote "best-practice" collaboration with the focus on team-building and communication. Teams are monitored to determine effective organization and distribution of duties in solving a variety of operational problems.
Site-Specific What-If and Troubleshooting Scenarios These exercises are designed to produce and practice process specific scenarios and should be required prior to additional advanced simulator training.