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Incident Investigation & Action Tracking

Intrepid is ATR's Incident and Event tracking and management system. An integral part of the PRiSM Performance Suite, Intrepid provides convenient tracking with extensive task assignment notification and reporting capabilities.

Intrepid provides several approval and review levels plus integration with TRAQS for incident training, and Centurion for management of change notifications.

Intrepid Diagram

With Intrepid, you can set up your own incident types, levels, magnitudes and investigation teams. Once an employee reports an incident, accident or near miss, an online report is automatically e-mailed to the appropriate reviewer.

After the incident is reviewed, the administrator sets up teams, recommendations and requirements. Intrepid automates and streamlines the incident investigation and ensures that all requirements are signed off before the incident can be considered closed.

Download spec sheet highlighting primary features and benefits of the Intrepid system.

Intrepid - Powerful Incident Management and Event Tracking System Data Sheet

Intrepid – Powerful Incident Management and Event Tracking System Data Sheet

View - pdf (1055 kb)

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