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Implementation Process

Specialized Requirements

Every customer has specialized needs and timetables, so each project is different, but generally follows similar paths.

The Procedure Program Assessment works to uncover specific requirements and business success factors. This includes a gap analysis between the current program state and the desired state, including reviews of compliance and legal requirements and business risks.

Needs Assessment

Based on your project requirements, we perform tasks independently and alongside your personnel. In some cases, particularly in lean operating environments, we can take on more responsibilities so that you can focus on your core business.

General SmartProcedure Implementation Process

The following diagram shows the common elements associated with most SmartProcedures deployments.

SmartProcedure Implementation Process

Continuous Improvement

‚ÄčOnce implemented, we work with you to monitor the results and key performance indicators. As you identify specialized requirements that enhance the success of your program, we work with you to meet your ROI goals and ensure ongoing success.

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