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Integrated Lifecycle Management

Streamline Procedure Administration

Unlike conventional 2nd generation procedure systems consisting of word processors and file-based document management, SmartProcedures is a completely integrated and unified system. The lifecycle ensures streamlined procedure administration.

Procedure Lifecycle Diagram

Field Use

  • Multi-media output
  • Paper
  • Computer
  • PDAs
  • TabletPCs
  • Text-to-speech
  • Passive or interactive
  • Online adaptive to user's needs
  • Just-in-time training


  • Easy XML Editor
  • Discrete steps
  • Import from Word
  • Multiple step operations
  • Embed operating limits, setpoint
  • Embed equipment
  • Step based attachments
  • Copy steps from other procedures
  • Embed shared steps from other procedures
  • Hyper-link steps
  • Auto-numbering based on procedure type rules

Procedure Management

  • Mission critical database management
  • Procedure and step-based version control
  • Revision tracking
  • Revision bars
  • Revision red-line comparisons
  • List of effective changes with writers' notes
  • Controlled numbering and revisioning
  • Extensive search
  • Global change and replace
  • Revision-based training

Review and Approval

  • Change request
  • Standardized workflow templates
  • Change type and sub-type
  • Email notifications
  • Workflow checklists
  • Parallel and sequential approval routing
  • Standard or customized requirements
  • Temporary MOCs
  • Extensive reports

Procedure Training

  • CBTs automatically created from procedure content
  • Include work guidance and instructional media
  • Step-by-step walkthrough
  • Easy navigation
  • Text-to-audio for auto-reading steps
  • Track progress
  • Full review mode or MOC (revision) mode
  • Auto-play feature
  • Link to learning management system

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