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About SmartProcedures Mobile

SmartProcedures allows users to create standardized procedures and to manage procedures through a workflow approval process. End users print procedures and take procedures with them during operational execution. The SmartProcedures platform provides several advantages over word-processed procedure files.

Although SmartProcedures improves the authoring process, the resulting documents are still printed PDFs. The advantages of using digital versus printed procedures are clear when considering the challenges of using paper in the field. Document management, version control, data collection, reporting, and compliance are far simpler when leveraging modern technology. With those considerations in mind, ATR has created SmartProcedures Mobile.

Mobilize. Digitize. Personalize.

In SmartProcedures Mobile, your workers instantly access all their procedures including work guidance support, photos, videos, equipment information and operating limits.

Easier to find, easier to read, easier to use procedures on SmartProcedures Mobile means safer workers following your procedures. Rich media bridges the knowledge gap between new and experienced workers - paper can't do that!

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In the field - online or offline

SmartProcedures Mobile consists of two environments that provide a single solution: a native Windows application designed for offline use as well as an HTML5 based mobile web application designed for any modern mobile device or browser with Internet access. Both applications send and receive data to and from a central service when Internet access is available to keep procedures in sync and up to date.

Optional Offline Use

  • See and execute procedures when the device is disconnected from the network
  • Download and store procedures to your device
  • Perform procedures in the field with no Internet connection
  • Locally stored procedure execution data uploads and synchronizes when an Internet connection is available

Accountability made easy

SmartProcedures Mobile ensures steps are performed in order and that all steps have been completed to finish the task. One touch step sign-offs automatically record critical performance data including names, times, dates, and GPS locations. Workers can easily record performance notes during the job.

Procedures now personalized

Not all tasks are equal, and workers have different needs and preferences to perform the task safely and correctly every time. In SmartProcedures Mobile, workers control how they view the information they need, when they need it.

Display procedures how you need:

  • Adjust the display with three modes: single step, section, and continuous
  • All drawings, images and associated documents download with procedure content
  • Download and view the procedure PDF on your device
  • Use the familiar and powerful Procedure CBT interface
  • Visually intuitive, user-friendly design with customizable design theme
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Execution Roles, Tracking and Security Features

The SmartProcedures system only allows for one version of a procedure to be Effective at any one time. Outdated operating procedures are instantly replaced with the latest effective version. In addition, the user's rights to the system are evaluated to ensure they do not have any unauthorized access to procedures.

  • Actions an individual can perform are determined by an assigned role
  • All user actions are tracked and stored in the database
  • An application role explicitly designates who can perform procedure observations
  • Control access to mobile procedures
  • Flexible session states: Easily suspend, resume, complete, and abandon procedure sessions
  • Procedure execution tracking: Track and view procedure execution status

Extensive Reporting

Extensive “smart” reporting reveals every detail of task execution enabling analysis and optimization never seen before. The SmartProcedures Mobile solution captures data about procedure use and execution, which can be output into various reports for management and regulatory purposes.

The report generation and management options for SmartProcedures Mobile are in the Dashboard web application. To control access, a user accessing reports from the SmartProcedures dashboard must have an explicitly assigned application security role.

The reporting interface helps you get started by providing predefined reports. Then, you can sort, filter, and reorganize your data to customize information. Reports can be exported to PDF format.

Reporting Features

  • Track elapsed time and execution time
  • Track procedure distribution and number of sessions
  • Track procedure execution
  • Track readings and completion by role

Available Reports

  • Execution History
  • Session Distribution
  • Completion by Role
  • Execution Detail Report
  • Execution Time Comparison Report
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Audit Trail – Execution Records

A human readable Record of Execution is recorded and stored in the database for each procedure. Each action the user takes while in a procedure execution session is tracked as an event. These events are date/time stamped (UTC date/time) allowing for a complete playback of the procedure execution record.

Events Tracked and Recorded

  • Abandoning execution
  • Completing execution
  • Bypassing a step
  • Measurements of how long a step took to execute
  • Recording of GPS data for events
  • Records of appending attachments, files, or images
  • Resuming, starting and suspending execution
  • Taking a note
  • When a user signs up for roles
  • When the chairperson designation changes hands
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Issue Change Requests

SmartProcedures Mobile works with the Centurion MOC system for change request management.

  • Centurion allows management of many types of changes that rely on input from many employees, letting you create a specific workflow to meet your needs.
  • If a change request is requested, when completing or abandoning a session, a user is presented with a Change Request Submission page to fill out.
  • A user can create a new change request by entering a description and reason for the change. Centurion automatically adds other tracking information, such as who made the request and the date.
  • Change request notes can be commented on individual steps and appear in a table on the change request submission window.

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