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Why SmartProcedures?


  • SmartProcedures let you create more consistent, well structured procedures by enforcing formatting and structure from centrally-managed templates.
  • Because SmartProcedures can include other information resources, such as work guidance media, SmartProcedures can reduce human error risks.
  • SmartProcedures FlexViews can transform a single procedure for output to multiple formats or devices, based on user need and context.
  • Reducing the time writers spend formatting procedures by up to 50%, writers using SmartProcedures can focus on higher quality content.


  • Because writers can spend far less time formatting, they can create procedures much faster.
  • SmartProcedures automates creation of cover pages, tables of contents, glossaries, and other document components.
  • Provides an integrated edit and review workflow technology to automate the edit, review, and approval cycle.
  • FlexViews speed the training process and reduce training time, while improving comprehension and retention.


  • The SmartProcedure step analyzer helps remove vague and confusing language, ensuring greater safety guidance.
  • Because writers spend less time formatting, they can focus on higher quality content and safety issues.
  • SmartProcedures include access to related safety information, such as work guidance media.
  • Because SmartProcedures offer FlexViews for use with PDAs or tablet PCs, even field operators can have instant access to hundreds of procedures on demand.


  • Interactive SmartProcedures can capture signatures or data to verify proper adherence to safety guidelines.
  • Each step can include visual guidance or electronic training media to ensure operators understand the task and safety requirements.
  • FlexViews let you distribute procedures to multiple devices from a single source, providing access to the information without duplication of effort.
  • Training views can provide a show and tell approach to make the information more accessible resulting in safer operations.

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