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SAM - Step Analyzer Module

Advanced Risk-Based Procedure Analysis

SAM (Step Analyzer Module)

Streamlines the review and writing process by scouring each procedure and step for Writer's Guideline inconsistencies.

Remove the drudgery of reviewing procedures page by page, paragraph by paragraph, and provide writers with risk-based analysis at blazing speeds.

With SAM, procedure writers improve quality and adhere to best practices. SAM is easily customizable for your company-specific rules.

SAM - Step Analyzer Module

SAM not only finds human error precursors in your procedures quickly, but frees up your subject matter experts to do what they do best, focus on quality content and training. This diagram shows that SAM found 75 errors in 1 minute, while the SME took 2 hours and found 45 errors in a 50-page operating procedure.

Key Features

  • Enforces company best practices
  • Configurable and easy-to-use rules engine
  • Scoring based on risk-ranked rules
  • Analyzes by procedure type and step type
  • Enforces customizable writer guidelines
  • Faster procedure writing and reviewing
  • Rulebook reports

Key Benefits

Evolves With Business Needs

SAM allows adding, deleting or modifying rules based on specific writing guidelines.

Rank Risk Violations by Severity

Assign varying degrees of risk to violations and SAM automatically calculates a composite risk score for each procedure.

Valuable Procedure Information

SAM provides easy-to-read reports showing useful measurements and charts, allowing reviewers to spot problem areas at a glance.


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