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What is SmartProcedures?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu, 600BC

SmartProcedures is the #1 mission-critical 3rd Generation procedure lifecycle system. While other systems simply manage paper-based documents and use conventional word processors coupled with document management and workflow tools, SmartProcedures is a unified procedure power-house specializing in producing high quality, usable procedures.

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Better. Faster. Safer. Smarter.

SmartProcedures is an all-in-one specialized procedure system improving all phases of the procedure lifecycle focusing on humanizing procedures for maximum worker safety and performance.

SmartProcedures manages the entire procedure lifecycle. Powerful capabilities ensure high quality, usable procedures. ATR's advanced technologies ensure lower total cost of ownership and sustainability.

  • Field Use
  • Editing
  • Review and approval
  • Procedure controls and document management​

Word – A Poor Procedure Tool

Conventional word processors have serious limitations for procedure development and maintenance. Procedure authors make mistakes that impact safety and waste excessive time because they are not using the right tool for the job. SmartProcedures by ATR addresses this challenge.

Unsurpassed Flexibility

Get out of the paper-bound world of word processors that hard-code procedure content limiting the usefulness of your procedures and upgrade to the most powerful procedure tool on the market.

Problems SmartProcedures Solves:

  • Inconsistencies between procedures
  • Paper-paradigm limitations
  • Human error traps
  • Procedure document and version control
  • User-diversity levels
  • Excess time formatting documents
  • Insufficient levels of detail
  • Supporting information limitations
  • Scalability and portability
  • Variances between procedure writers


Breaking through the paper-based paradigm of word processors, SmartProcedures provide workers with automated FlexViews, assembled dynamically based on template display styles and step properties. Eliminating wasted time means more time for improving procedures and reducing revision backlog.

Customized to Your Requirements

FlexViews are easily modified to your exact standards, regardless of the device. With SmartProcedures, you can change thousands of procedures to a new template instantly by applying a new template style. Think about it, more options, greater usability for less work than conventional Word-based procedures.

Save Time and Money

Elimination of formatting, automated training output, and global vs. incremental changes to documentation offer significant cost savings and ROI. One facility saved $360,000 over a five-year period. However safer, incident and downtime-free operations are priceless.

50–95% Time Savings

Studies show that 50-95% of conventional procedure development time is wasted on mind-numbing text formatting. SmartProcedures separates content development from formatting enabling subject matter experts to focus on procedure quality, while letting the computer do the formatting. SmartProcedures makes it possible to enable people do what people do best and let computers do what they do best.

SingleStep Reviews

When writers review page after page of conventional procedures, they tend to miss errors and the procedures degrade with time. SmartProcedure's SingleStep review mode allows viewers to focus on one step at a time, reinforced with innovate text-to-audio synthesis technology.

SmartProcedures lets you see it, hear it and improve.