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Case Studies

Adherence to AP-907 Procedure Process and Procedure Program Standardization for Substation Operations (SSO)

The Problem

A New York-based electric utility wanted to identify areas where current processes, procedures, and instructions could be made more robust. ATR helped evaluate the gaps with AP-907-001 and AP-907-005 and take appropriate action through the use of SmartProcedures to electronically enforce the desired best practices.

Procedures standardize job tasks enabling a predictable outcome that ensures jobs are completed using best practices and reducing safety risks to both employees and equipment. Many teams used procedures or job plans to perform daily work tasks, while other procedures were available for reference.

Faced with aging workforce issues and a large amount of tribal knowledge, the goal was to create a procedure management system that would enable writers to efficiently create and maintain their operations and maintenance procedures.

About the Client

  • Electricity & Gas Utility
  • Substations spread throughout NY
  • Provides electricity to over 3M customers
  • Nearly 1,000 procedures/work instructions


  • Procedures written in 1990’s style
  • Not following established industry standards
  • Lack of human performance techniques
  • Difficult to evaluate training impact of changes
  • No formal change management process


A formal assessment process was undertaken at the start of the project. The findings helped drive the configuration and implementation of SmartProcedures. ATR developed a standard FlexView to provide standardization across all operations and maintenance documents.

ATR is continuing to work with this customer to more fully implement the training aspects of our solution into the project. The custom workflows can alert training personnel of the need to communicate procedure changes to the employees.

Key Benefits

Key benefits realized by this client include:

Adherence to Industry best practices and standards (AP-907)
Standard FlexView to Procedures and Work Instructions
Electronic enforcement of best practices
Global change capabilities
Standard change management process