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Case Studies

Global Upstream Division Deploys SmartProcedures across Fifteen Business Units Worldwide

The Problem

A major corporation encountered challenges with a consistent layout and design for their 15,500 operating and maintenance procedures. The primary challenge was coordinating global standards and establishing consistency, while ensuring compliance with country-specific regulations. They recognized that a top-down approach was the only way to reign in requirements for technical writing standards and best practices, as well as solidifying a path forward for sustainability across their organization.

About the Client

  • 15 Upstream sites worldwide
  • Exploration & production
  • 15,500 operating procedures


  • Lack of standardization
  • Need for cohesion with company standards and in country regulations
  • Fragmented workflow processes
  • Inadequate standards enforcement
  • Content upgrade for clarity and safety
  • "One size fits all" mentality


We delivered a well-tailored tool, which resolved the challenges facing the customer. Our FlexView technology provided specific situational viewing experiences. This resulted in creation of a standard format, checklist format, and assessment format, which were single sourced from standard content.

While our solution electronically enforces the company standards set by our client, the individual sites maintain flexibility to ensure they are meeting the requirements of their local government.

Key Benefits

Key benefits realized by this client include:

Adherence to best practices and company standards
FlexView viewing experiences depending on skill level
Streamlined workflow process including checklist logic
Automated styles and formatting for content consistency
Streamlined administration functions to quickly manage large amounts of information