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Case Studies

Procedure Program Standardization across all Upstream Operations

The Problem

Standardization of business processes presented a challenge for this client due to the scale of their upstream enterprise, which consists of 11,000 oil and natural gas wells in hundreds of fields.

As a multinational company, employees wanted an easy to use solution to manage their complex business while improving global participation. Recognizing the necessity for procedures in English as well as in native languages, multilingual procedure development was identified as the next frontier of human performance.

About the Client

  • Multinational Energy Corporation
  • Refining & chemicals
  • Large number of operating and maintenance procedures
  • Global standards and process
  • Human factors experts


  • Poor quality of procedures
  • Inconsistent equipment data
  • Custom print views needed for different use cases
  • Ad-hoc workflow processes
  • Content and layout not designed for human factors


The goal of standardization to improve safety and regulatory adherence involved cleanup of equipment data and a rewrite of the majority of the business units procedures.

A larger initiative to human factor procedure content was employed to raise competency of operators using procedures. Multilingual features are on the books for deployment in Kazakh and Russian.

Key Benefits

Key benefits realized by this client include:

Adherence to best practices and company standards
Reduced wear and tear on subject matter experts by eliminating formatting
Greater focus on procedure content and human error reduction
Electronic enforcement of best practices
Global change capabilities
Single print view standard
Electronic rulebook