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Procedure Excellence Writer Workshop

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Precedure Excellence Workshop - March 2019

Learn from the best in the business

  • Writing and rewriting complex procedures to incorporate human factoring for various clients
  • Applying evidence-based research to improve procedures and procedure programs
  • Advising and learning from companies in implementing optimized procedure solutions for human performance, safety, and compliance
  • Teaching best writing practices to procedure professionals across several industries
  • Utilizing research-driven techniques to improve human performance, safety, and compliance

Benefits realized

  • Reduce worker error rate
  • Reduce procedure management costs
  • Improve worker adherence
  • Improve safety
  • Improve reliability
  • Improve compliance

Suggested attendees, those who

  • Write or revise procedures
  • Review procedures
  • Manage procedures
  • Work in human performance
  • Work in safety
  • Work in continuous improvement

You will gain:

  • True competency (knowledge AND skills) in developing Human Factored Procedures
  • Analyzed company facility procedures, marked up with improvements and corrections ready to be implemented
  • Experience in writing a Human Factored Procedure
  • Tools to be used routinely for improving procedure quality and usability

What our students tell us

  • "How did you make procedure writing so much fun?!"
  • "I wish I had this training when I started writing procedures 10 years ago."
  • "The rest of our company needs this training."
  • "I never knew there was actually a right way to write procedures."
  • "You shouldn't be allowed to write procedures without having this course!"
  • "Honestly, this was one of the best workshops I've ever been forced to sit through."


Day 1

Day 2

Assessing Risk for Tasks, People, and Environments

Designing Front Matter

Dynamics of Human Performance

Writing Effective Action Steps

Mechanics of Procedures and People

Information Messaging

Defining the Task

Level of Detail

Architecture of a Procedure

Writer Tools for Optimal Quality Procedures

Lunch, refreshments, and student materials will be provided.

About the Instructor

Safety Sauce

Adam Hendrickson
Project Engineer / Technical Writer

Adam Hendrickson is a PPA-Certified procedure writer and an expert in human factored procedure development. He has had extensive experience working with clients to improve their procedures through technical rewrites and training industry best practices. Clients from a variety of industries, ranging from oil refining to pharmaceuticals, have utilized his knowledge and expertise to optimize their procedures and procedure programs for peak human performance.