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Procedure Writer Training

Train and Qualify your Subject Matter Experts

Procedure Writer Training

Best Practices

High performing facilities recognize the importance of having formal training and certification programs. Training ensures procedure writers have the necessary skill set to provide highly reliable and technically accurate procedures. ATR provides hands-on procedure writer's courses to qualify your subject matter experts in the highest writing standards.

We adhere to best practices with a focus on human error reduction and optimizing efficiency. Our experts have years of experience in all facets of procedure writing, including supervision, procedure management responsibilities, writing skill, and operator and maintenance training.

ATR courses are tailored to the experience level of your writing team. Two day, three day, and five day workshops are offered, along with our industry-recognized certification program.

General Workshop Topics

  • Writing standards
  • Best practices
  • Procedure Task Analysis
  • Procedure Types
  • Procedure Formats
  • Basic Technical Writing Skills
  • Human Factor Engineering
  • Human Error Reduction
  • Procedure Controls
  • Review and Approval
  • Collecting Data
  • Use of Multimedia

Certification Program

The Procedure Writer Training and Certification Program is a three and one half day course that targets industry procedure writers of any experience level. This program provides key knowledge needed to author high quality, reliable, and usable procedures.

The program addresses all the major components of a quality procedure: format and content, human factor engineering, and human performance error precursor elimination.

The course features the following topics:

  • Procedure attributes, format, and writing methodology
  • Procedure Use and Adherence standards
  • Overview of the standardized procedure process
  • Human factor engineering in procedures
  • Findings and recommendations from the Texas A&M Advanced Procedure Research Study (ExxonMobil, NOVA, Petrofac, NASA and ATR, Inc.)
  • Human error reduction in procedures
  • Procedure development and review process
  • Procedure review and hands-on exercises
  • New technologies (SmartProceduresĀ®) accelerating procedure production, quality and consistency

Other Services

Discover innovative tools to get work done that solve common challenges faced by industries.

Problems Solved
Problems Solved

We incorporate human-factored technologies to provide electronic enforcement of best practices. Since SmartProcedures handles the entire procedure lifecycle, procedure administration is streamlined.

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Procedure Writer Workshops
Procedure Writer Workshops

ATR provides procedure writer's courses to train and qualify your subject matter experts in the highest writing standards. We adhere to best practices and focus on human error reduction and optimum efficiency.

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Procedure Program Evaluation
Procedure Program Evaluation

Essential to a successful implementation is an evaluation of current practices and operations. ATR's expert team of experts perform procedure program evaluations covering 25 key performance areas.

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